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New page design

I changed the design of the site so that it will be easier to view and use on mobile devices. It is still not optimal because it is a data-heavy site, but much better than the previous version.

Posted by Thalendar
Slowly filling the database

In the last months I fixed various bugs and improved the site performance and usability. My day job prohibits me to make bigger changes, so adding community-driven data entry will have to wait for a longer vacation. Until then, I am entering games and products into the database. I am focusing on the books and boxes in my collection, at the moment especially on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. I am also filling the gaps of the stuff I don't own with data from my older game databases and with the help of books and online resources.

Posted by Thalendar
RPG Collector has launched

The RPG Collector has launched. It is intended to offer tabletop role playing game collectors a clear and easy way to manage their collections, and a place to find out about old and new role-playing products.

At the moment it is a prototype that still needs a lot of work. If you want to try it out, create an account, navigate to a collected gaming product and add it to your collection by clicking on the "plus" icon on the right side of the product. You will see what you have collected (and what is still missing) in the product lists and in the game entries.

As you cannot enter new content on your own, yet, this is more an opportunity for you to test the feature.

I am a single person working on this, so updates with new functionality can take a while. I will try to add a few new RPG books and magazines every day, though.

I hope you find something useful on this site, despite its unfinished state.

Posted by Thalendar

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